first round preview

Fun fact: I just spit up all over myself.

There are really three shining moments worth mentioning in this game. We shall call them the PH Triad of Love.
The first is the hot date that Lecavalier had with Letang in the first period that led to St. Louis’ beautifully shot game-winning goal.
Kris thought it was going to be an innocent dinner and a movie, but Lecavalier drove him straight up to the Plaza Hotel, took him up to the Royal Plaza Suite, and raped the shit out of him with a crowbar in the master bedroom.
This was a distraction so that St. Louis could find the goal.
It became exponentially easier for him to do so.
Blame rectal bleeding.

Photobomb of the century in the upper right. Who is this woman? Can she be our mom? Maybe James Neal’s mom, since clearly he needs some motivation in life according to 99% of Pens fans.


Moment #2 in the Triad was when TK tried to fight Hedman but Hedman didn’t understand the universe:


Moment #3 was when Rupp scored. It was ignored by the press, in favor of this:

Which is, incidentally, what you get when the three parts of the Triad unite.
Brother Steven rolling around in the snow with Marc-Andre, there are no cares in the world, no penalties, no reality.
Just the joy of spring.

No really, this is exactly what happened.
Pens lose, 2-1

Can’t wait to see a 7-game series against anyone, really.

P.S. Somebody please do something about the power play.



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