So uhhh…
Not only is it cold outside, the internet is being douchey, I just happened to close my internet window after writing this entire post the first time without saving it, AND this game happened.

Sometimes bad nights happen. Sometimes bad weeks, months, and years happen. We can’t get too bent out of shape about them. Everything gets better. We’ll win the Stanley Cup, Sidney Crosby will forgive us out sins, and everything will be okay. We can’t mope about every little thing or smash our laptop screen because we blame technology for our own incompetence. Things always get better and the Penguins always, eventually, even if it takes twenty or so years, prevail. Remember that one.

So a recap is clearly not going to happen here. It was way too shitty an evening for that. Even the Penguins organization had a hard time understanding this one:
We wish.

Luckily they didn’t wrap it up with a ribbon. Because we have a certain President on our team, we were able to pull out with our dignity partially intact at the end of the third. What would we do without TK?
Apparently the press wants to find out, because this goal is thus far undocumented through most common media outlets.
Thus we bring you a sunrise over his estate:
For those of you interested in the “writing” (lols) process, I used this picture in the original writeup. 
You decide for yourself.

So drink. Drink tonight, or drink tomorrow night if you have a mortgage to pay. We don’t care. Just get ready for Sunday, because it is a new day and we will be back on track to win everything and never ever lose again. If you feel too upset by this game, let the awesomeness of this photo ease your pain:

Never losing again.

Go yell at people in the streets about how your life is in shambles and that you deserve endless amounts of pity because the universe is robbing you of the best years of your (And Sid’s) life. Don’t let other people come back at you with illness or joblessness or missing limbs – you tell them to get their fucking priorities in line.
Take your time with your pain and get ready for the return.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that while we should all get over this game, every single one of you should feel a gaping absence in your soul because the best dog to ever exist is no longer with us.
Chase is easily better than your dog, even when competeing for the title from doggy heaven.
Pour one out for him.
He deserves it more than you.

Go Pens. 


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