gameday: the matt cooke hearings, and detroit

Asham is coming back tonight, so whatev.

Solid offerings from our Mattie Cooke memegen.

First of all, all of these are anonymous offerings, and we just want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all.
Second, we’re not going to act like we enjoy elbows to heads, or think that such things shouldn’t be cause for suspension.
The issue here is more with the fact that anyone who participates in any aspect of professional hockey, be it as a journalist, a fan, a front-office representative, or a player, should realize that this issue needs to be examined without bias.  All head shots are shitty.  Enough of them and your brain could end up like Bob Probert’s. . .i.e., not good.  Many people, dare we say it, stupid people, want to paint this as an issue concerning individual villains who aren’t being punished enough.  And yes, it starts there–dishing out individual punishment, creating fines that target teams and ownership, these would all be steps in the right direction.

But the most important step is realizing that the problem is an over-arching one within the culture of hockey.
You win with both toughness and with skill.  Up-front toughness is being discouraged.  It is, in fact, better and more coest-effective and more depth-building to have players who will both agitate and crash the net, both fight and have good breakout passing.  It’s why we lol’d at the Rangers for throwing money at Boogaard, it’s why Eric Godard’s role on the Penguins is vanishing.  The trend is towards subtleties and gray areas, ways to fit into the bigger, faster, stronger, smarter gameplan of the new NHL, ways around rules, ways to legitimize hockey in a United States market.
Matt Cooke’s role is alive and well in the NHL, and so should it be.
But someone also needs to come out and police the game, to say that excuses such as “oh, well, it as an accident” or “he’s never done anything like this before” aren’t good enough.
Stop villifying individuals.  Cross the names out of the news article on and see how you feel.
Hockey has always been the sport that most beautifully unites the skill set and passion of the individual with the magic that is teamwork, but this isn’t about ~*~*~MATT COOKE~*~*~.  It’s about the league.
Matt Cooke made a play at a critical point in the season, and in the game, where maybe he should have thought twice.  Shit happens–another excuse.  Doesn’t mean it’s totally awesome and we’re cool with it.

Pens are going to be fine. 
Something tells us that, like Trevor Gillies’ children, Matt Cooke’s are still going to eat and have a roof over their heads.
You show what you mean by “justice” and “parity” and the game plays on.
Suck it. 

go pens~~~


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