head shot disco

Why does it seem like everyone is getting their head hurt lately? By now you’ve seen Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty. We’re not going to cry “omg so illegal” on it or anything, but Chara knows better. So much better.
Observe, via our friend Sooska on FB:


We’re still working out the kinks with the Hair League.
Our current problem is that we’re getting requests for substitutions that we can’t substitute because our spreadsheet isn’t set up yet to allow for them without putting in all of the previous points from the player who is being substituted–i.e. people keep requesting to sub Brent Johnson, but that would magically give their team like 200 extra points, until we revise the spreadsheet and its various equations.
Regardless, we’re accepting your submissions and will process them soon.
We take the Hair League very seriously and update it daily.
Important question:
if we did a playoff version of the Hair League, would you be interested in playing?
also, if you won the Hair League, what prize would you want to have? within reason, but feel free to be fantastical as well.

Your answers are important to the State of the Union.

ALSO, Dan Bylsma got a contract extension, like you didn’t know that was going to happen. Total badass.


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