hello, world

Do you remember when and where you fell in love with hockey?

In my case, it was June 2002. The Colorado Avalanche and New Jersey Devils are deadlocked at three games apiece. My mother, the world’s biggest Avs fan, has tickets to Game 7. And my dad (who is her normal hockey-viewing partner) is in Norway for a conference.

“Hey Mary, do you want to go see some hockey?”

This isn’t where my love of hockey began, but it’s where it was cemented firmly into my heart: at the very instant Ray Bourque lifted the Stanley Cup before Joe Sakic did. What a moment. What a game. What an experience!

Man Tears be damned, this was glorious

Yeah, I was there.

Haters may hate, but it was incredible. I’ve since moved from Denver to Pittsburgh and switched my team allegiances, but I’ll always remember that day and that game.

I’m Mary. Your gracious PH hosts have invited me to join the team, which is delightful. I look forward to this and every hockey season with hope and optimism, even if sometimes I end up disappointed.

At the moment, I have two English degrees and a husband from Latrobe who loves hockey only slightly less than I do.

Best. Mullet. Ever.

Not actually my husband, but he totally had both that hair and jersey in 1992.

I also have three younger sisters, who definitely love hockey way less than me. In the interest of Internet privacy, if I need to talk about them, I’ll call them The Brain (studying at Harvard), The Snark (no one makes me laugh like she does), and The Rollercoaster (because she tends to treat her body like one). When we get together, we drink too much and fight, like, well, sisters.

In 2010, I was on Jeopardy!. Alex Trebek is both taller and weirder in person than he seems on TV.

All contestants get to have their picture taken with Alex. It’s part of the magic. But when I got my picture taken, I think Trebek forgot how to smile.

This. Is. An Awkward Photo.

What this doesn’t show you is that 5’4″ me is standing on about eight inches of raised platform.

I got third place on the show and won $1,000, as well as the everlasting annoyance that comes with being on a game show for smart nerds and then doing something stupid in front of people who know that fact.

Harry and Lloyd are mystified as to how Alex knows all the answers

Oh, so THAT’s how Daily Doubles work

When not enjoying hockey, I spend my time doing counted cross stitch.

Shut up, it’s awesome.

It makes me relax like nothing else and when I’m done, I have lovely work to show for it. Besides, cross stitch is hip.

The inimitable Steotch. Well, maybe imitable, but not nearly as awesome.

I also dig playing video games, throwing knives and tomahawks, building campfires that are way too big, and generally engaging in activities that make my friends reluctant to leave their children in my exclusive care for extended periods of time. This suits us all just fine.

Grab a drink and hang on. It’s going to be a fun ride.