even i thought i was dead.

Never thought you’d see MY name attached to a post again, did ya?
Well, despite what 99% of everyone we knew thought, Zoe was not pulling an elaborate Weekend-At-Bernie’s scheme trying to convince everyone that I was alive while I was really decaying somewhere in a pile of filth.

Well…I did spend some time in Detroit.

Although, I gotta say, from such great tragedy, some true art comes about:


While I was off climbing mountains and rolling around in the filth of the Great American South and the Kind of Okay American North (further north than Detroit, obviously) the hockey world was kind of stalled with various sad news and some WILL HE OR WON’T HE on Mister Sid. Zoe and Mary kept me up-to-date on anything that was happening, and eventually I realized I needed to come back in time for the season to start (I ran out of money and needed to get a damn job.)

For those of you who have never left the world of report cards or paychecks and wonder what is out there beyond the daily grind and hockey, let me tell you, it isn’t much.
I do not recommend it, unless you need to get here:
(Just a touch.)

So, the three of us are here, for you, all season long. 

Tonight is the famous Black and Gold game. To be fair, Zoe is rooting Black, I am rooting Gold (their fourth line sounds like a western film actor – Gibbons Sill Walker) and Mary is going both ways (one night only, ladies!)

This game promises hilarity, so please watch it and love it. 

Also, if you want to hear a female reporter try to make a very awkward joke that is not received well by Sir Malkin, watch this. It’s cringe inducing. How dare she try to be so familiar with this man. Only we can be so bold.

Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait until the season starts.
Go Pens. 


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