lessons learned from 6/29, jagrwatch

Today, we remember the events of the previous evening.
#jagrwatch hysteria reached an all-time high as many attempted to track Jagr’s movements in airspace and throughout the United States. Shero had said yesterday was decision day, but now, all of a sudden, it’s today instead; we all probably feel like we got taken for a ride by Jagr and his agent, Peter Svoboda.
But why?
Why, exactly, was it any of our business where Jagr was last night?
Not that there was any crime in wanting to know; there’s nothing like an international mystery in the middle of the summer, the registry information of mysterious planes, a hilarious voicemail sequence courtesy of Svoboda, sleeplessness. If you have anything to do with hockey, you ought to know that you’re in show business, in entertainment. Just because we believe that we’re a class organization here in the world of hockey doesn’t mean everyone’s going to be classy. Or that everything everybody does is going to be in good taste. But it’s just a blip. #jagrwatch is just a blip. In the grand scheme of things, you will remember last night’s hysteria, and be like “fuck this, get me a beer.”
Shero and Jagr are supposedly talking right now.
We’re still waiting for the Hockey Gods to stop forsaking us.
We’re still on Jagrwatch here at PH, but we do not begrudge those who are not on Jagrwatch. You’re probably more sane anyway.
You keep that good head on your shoulders, troops.
It is fucking June 30, are you ready for tomorrow or what?

Go Pens
who even knows.


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