like we’re gonna deal with this right now

And I had so much material written about the minutiae of this game!

Alas, I wasn’t going to use it unless we had a chance. And as soon as we pulled Fleury it was pretty much decided that they were going to get the EN and not only kill god, but possibly disprove the existence of god.

Questionable penalty shot call early in the 1st, and Kovalchuk scores the penalty shot, which basically decided the whole game. Penguins lose two depth forwards to injury, forcing Malkin to barrel through unlimited minutes. Yep. Disheartening, plus it’s the Devils, and it was at 3pm.

also can we just have Petr Sykora back or something.

We would also probably bomb Canada if a terrorist sect promised they would heal Crosby with magic at this point.
We have a lot of reasons to bomb Canada anyway.
fuck the po-lice.

We haven’t seen a second of the WJC, it sounds depressing rite nao. fuck you

Go Pens in 2012.
2011 was a cursed and terrible year from the get-go. Let’s get it over with.


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