lol red wings

Red Wings lose in Game 7. Sharks fail to choke.

Jimmy Howard most likely drowns his sorrows in BBQ ribs and cornbread, specifically: a swimming pool full.
Professor Kronwall, obviously the hugest dickbag of the entire series (and possibly in the world if Tomas Holmstrom ever dies), cried the most.

But: let’s talk about the Sharks. More specifically, let’s talk about what a beast Joe Thornton finally was and what a complete creepy asshole he was to Pierre McGuire after the game. In his own Joe-Thornton-y way, he’s all, WHATEVA WHATEVA WE DO WHAT WE WANT FUCK ALLS YA’LL.

Patrick Marleau was too sweet to say it like that. Instead he got the GWG and insisted that the press make him look epic:

Our emotional picks for the Stanley Cup are San Jose and Boston.
Everyone else doesn’t deserve it.

Has anyone else been forced to sit through this commercial for “Blush Pittsburgh”?
The dude who worked on it apparently put it on Vimeo because it’s something to be proud of.
As opposed to the creepiest, most disturbing thing we’ve ever seen.

Commercial for Blush Pittsburgh from Sam Harris on Vimeo.

Go Pens.


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