on a cliffside in a blizzard

We’re pretty sure we made Max Talbot cry last night so that’s the sum achievement of the Penguins against the Flyers this season, aside from a badass play by Malkin and Tyler Kennedy we guess.

We (PH Staff) were at the game last night and seeing that moment from Max and the Pittsburgh fans prompted many difficult emotions.
Ultimately, we feel okay for tugging heartstrings. We hope the Flyers blow it really hard and messy in the playoffs so that he can be full of regret and heartbreak. We hope that he continues to pad his stats with empty netters and the like and that he constantly wakes up panged by the memory of the best day of his life on June 12, 2009. And the subsequent seasons spent in Pittsburgh being mostly awful at everything. TEARS. We miss you, honey, but we don’t miss the Bad Old Days.

It kind of feels like the hockey gods are taking a dump on our spirits and that’s probably karmic because we’ve been so goddamned spoiled rotten.
The arena got LOUD after Tyler Kennedy’s goal. And was loudest when the jumbotron wasn’t goading people, so that’s something special right there. Consol Energy Center was kind of a real hockey arena last night. Somewhere deep in the minds of the wolves, civilized fandom stirred. And they believed.

Not that they had any reason to. The game was full of mistakes and lazy play. . .Niskanen and Despres both looked a little brutal after being godsends in recent games. We’re glad Deryk Engelland is coming back. We require his spirit in this difficult universe.

Not being able to score on the power play seemed to lose this game, though, for sure.

Also, Sergei Bobrovsky, WONDER CHILD who was just born yesterday and doesn’t know how to button his shirts, is unbeaten in this building. We hate shit like that.

We did demote Jason Williams and Alexandre Picard. So this is all kinds of good news. . .people could be returning to us.

The lost and the weary.
That’s us right now.

Jagr all over your ass.



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