on the “if there is god other than curry, he hates us” docket for today

Sid is having problems doing normal-person things, like watching television and driving a car.
Um. K.

So basically, the world is falling apart. No clue what’s up with Gene, either. Literally.
I don’t have an update on Geno, he’s going to see the doctor. He’s probably there right now, so I don’t have an update on Geno. That’s where that stands. I’ll get (an update Tuesday) probably.

With issues like this going on, every game is big. And we’re playing the Isles. Matt Moulson is their leading scorer. Still. We think. Hold on, checking:

No, it’s Greasy Boy Canada. We’re officially in trouble.
Home game. We have a slight advantage. Maybe. And Dustin Jeffrey in our hip pocket. And Chris Conner’s balls in everyone’s faces regardless of how the rest of the team is playing.


Really, we’re not telling you anything you don’t already know. But there’s no good news for you. Everyone is just trying to figure out when we’ll have our franchise players back again and when there’s no news, unfortunately this time it isn’t good news.
And we’re playing the Islanders.
Bring the hate?

Go Pens.


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