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If you want to feel bad about today, you can feel free to note that the Flyers and the Hawks played today, the Flyers won, and it marked the return of Sunday matinee broadcasts to NBC. cocks
That is the worst thing about the late postseason in football. THE WORST. And then after the Super Bowl it gets even worse. NBC is a disaster. Moving along.

For some reason, all the press was out at the Pru when the Pens were there, and all the pictures are just coming to light:

Jordy is pretty.

this is Mark Fayne. We’ve never heard of him but he is definitely undressing something with his eyes.

Marty is trying to get his second stomach to stop digesting so hard.

This is approx. the face that KTang would make if you told him he was getting free coffee, or that the NHL was finally making suits that cling to your body.

Chris Conner is pretty.

Imagine Tyra Banks critiquing this photo, and spend the rest of the afternoon dying.

Mattie skates with purpose.

Are you there God? It’s me, Brooks. Can you tell all the people I’m trying to kill that I’m sorry.

KTang is angry.


Anyway, extra-special thanks to everyone who joined in with us last night. We are big fans. We want your autographs.

We actually had to go to the Pens site to remember who we play next. Isles, Tuesday.

Crosby and Malks are likely out for the All-Star Game, says Rob Rossi, as he touches himself.
Over-under on fluid ounces of splooge produced by Rossi when he decided to use “oft-concussed” in the article.

Molinari of the PG touched on this in his Canes recap and doesn’t make us want to cross his face out with red pen.



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