representin’ for the gangstas all across the world

It’s only part of the way through the first round, and we get the distinct sensation that everyone feels like they’ve been beaten over the head with a sackful of bricks.

Let’s have a pity party.

The New York Rangers are down 2-0 in their series with Washington, because Michal Neuvirth woke up one morning and decided he wanted to be a real boy. We are investigating this oversight, but it’s Srs Business time for the Rangers right now. Their game is currently in progress.

The Preds and the Ducks are tied 1-1, middle aged women everywhere fan themselves.
We don’t know who actually goes to Preds games, btw, which should make today extra interesting.
The last time we were at their arena it was full of cowboys.

That pesky Canucks-Blackhawks series. Luongo is on everyone’s fantasy team, at least everyone who wants everyone else to hate them.
Chicago sucks and they deserve to die. Except Jonathan. Jonathan can live.

We have no idea if everything is going to be okay or not with everything, but we believe.

Go Pens.


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