revenge of the thirds.

Well if this little preseason isn’t full of good omens, we don’t know what is. 
The game against Detroit was just for old time’s sake. It’s always funzies to beat Detroit, and we all needed to see Geno score just to know he wasn’t just the product of some fever dream we had after eating too many Tostitos Lime.
Tonight, however, was about reminding everyone just how serious this shit is.  Our famous “third line” wanted to remind you just how important it is to include those quotation marks. 

“Wait, Evgeni who? Sidney…doesn’t ring a- oh, brb, gotta bury this. We’ll pick this up later.” 

Jordy, who may not have made your scrapbook last year, is bringing the makeup sex.
Get out the stickers

Meanwhile, we’re about to murder Dan Potash, because during the first period he noted that Tangradi is wearing a #25 pendant, and that we will hear more about him and how “maybe that was a gift from the old number 25.” So we salivate over this possible hilarious information, that maybe Max gave it like a letterman jacket, as an exit showing of fail, but then it is never mentioned again.

Sir, do not make jokes that could potentially be true, leaving us yearning for more.
It’s too much like what Max himself did.
Of course, in reality Tangradi is a #25  by nature and has probably had that horrible pendant for years. But still. We can dream.

Brandon Saad recieved some attention this evening for being a blood-betrayer and fighting against his native land. But whatevs. I felt it would be good fun to job him. But I got what was coming to me when I image searched “sad sheep.” I am officially renouncing the internet.
Oh well.
It would have been a baad joke.

This was for all of you who forgot why we always start screaming “third period team” when it’s looking bleak at the end of the game. We like the classic flair of this game, and hope to hell it stays this way.

Also, if you cannot take this “Lerg” person seriously, don’t feel bad, neither can we.
This picture makes it look like Lerg is some frat boy who photoshopped himself into the action.
We accept him and love him all the same.

Hells yeah preseason.
Go Pens. 


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