second round: much less of a workout than the first

The Washington Capitals are literally confused as to why they lost. We are literally confused as to why they are confused, and why they took it upon themselves to ensure that Tampa won 7 games straight. This has been the hot topic of discussion for the last several days, and we are very late on the whole thing. Last night, I tried to get a bunch of people to get excited about the Preds with me and drink Arbor Mist in a liveblog, but the lack of success to that plan shows me where America’s priorities lie. By allowing this nonsense to continue, the terrorists will win.

Vancouver won last night in Nashville. Clearly the Arbor Mist was taboo. I painted my nails Preds colors. Barry Trotz did not have a good night. But the GoldOut is legit:

Our Preds for the Stanley Cup campaign is getting thin. What can we do? We might have to start setting things on fire.

The Bruins and the Sharks are trying for sweeps as we speak.
San Jose is down by a goal, but there’s 20 minutes left. Killer instinct? Finnish goaltending tandem? IS THIS THE YEAR. EDIT: SAN JOSE JUST TIED IT HOOOOOO
Boston doesn’t give a shit. They are up 1-0. Hartnell is a turtle.

what else to do.
get ready for that third round.
If Tampa Bay makes it out of the East, there is no god. Not that we haven’t been preaching the death of god all season.

GO PENS (and preds) (and not-tampa-or-detroit)


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