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First, we want everyone to raise a glass and invoke Curry for Megan, who, despite being Canadian, is really fucking cool, and has agreed to sign on to PH Staff on at least a temporary basis. So, like Ann is our Intern, Megan is our temp. Ann is currently on a Leave of Absence. The official word from Mount Olympus is that she is, at least for a little while, too gorgeous and intelligent to mingle among common folk, and needs to vacation among the gods. We believe this press release wholeheartedly. Megan has agreed to step in. She is a rather mysterious figure, which may be attached to the fact that she’s spectacularly talented and has a real job, which is why she doesn’t spend the day yelling on Twitter like the rest of us. However, she is also beautiful and perfect. Give her a round of applause. And go thank her for recapping the Devils game for you.

So raise your hand if you are actually interested in what’s going to happen to our favorite Kazakhstan-born goaltender Evgeni Nabokov as he deftly tries to reach a third world country Detroit, Michigan from the KHL? The whole waiver situation is probably being blown out of proportion, but whatever. As owners of the Louisiana Muskrats, we are encouraging the movement of cap space in order to accomodate Nabokov. We will get back to you on this matter.

In other news, every game in the NHL tonight is boring as shit.

But you know what tomorrow means:


With Evgeni Malkin’s nose and face full of snot, plus a knee issue, and Sid still needing lots of naps and things, the fact that Staal has basically become the top skilled forward for the Pens makes the hallowed Staal vs. Staal matchup all the more intense.
Steiggy and Errey at the very least will likely be talking about it.
In case you needed reminding, the drinking game rules are reproduced in this post above our very sad evening watching the Pens at Madison Square Garden during the 2009 season. Oh memories.

Pens/Canes should be more intense than that, but you remember what happened last time we thought this.
Do you think Eric Staal sees Godzilla clearly enough in that picture, btw?
More importantly, how drunk is Godzilla?

At any rate we will be setting up a CoverItLive event and chances are someone will be drinking something. Pick something up on your way home from work tomorrow or whatever.

Also, for your O RLY article of the night:
Caps trying to win with defense

Time to get back to basics. Really, really, really basic. Like playing with a bunch of rookies and grinders, and getting drunk?

Go Pens.


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