In part, we have maintained a nearly month-long silence out of respect.
The majority of what we bring to the table in the hockey community is light-hearted and optimistic, and we don’t know how to deal with tragedy publicly–in fact, much of what follows in the wake of tragedy should almost always be kept private, we believe. Grieving is private and that should be respected. Terrible things have happened to the hockey community this summer. You know this. We don’t break news here.

These are all guys we’ve made fun of, joked about, poked and prodded. We still wish their families our condolences. They should still be here, but they aren’t.

Today, the KHL lost an entire hockey team, more or less, in a completely ridiculous and terrible plane crash. All relevant news can now be found at Dmitry Chesnokov’s Twitter:!/dchesnokov. Later, who knows. Google. Conflicting reports. Lots of people are dead.

Right now, doctors are updating on Sid’s head.
But we’ll deal with it privately right now.
Don’t talk so much. Stop and think.

Go Hockey, Go Pens.


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