skeleton crew required

Matt Cooke’s much-discussed hit on Fedor Tyutin last night has earned him a 4-game suspension, and we head into tomorrow’s home game against the Los Angeles Kings one sudden broken finger away from signing some dude off the street to a one-day tryout contract or some shit.

The sudden loss of Chris Kunitz seemed devastating. You wanted to take back all of the vicious comments you made about his bad passes to Malkin, but you couldn’t, because they’d already been said. Now, Matt Cooke goes down, and when he isn’t charging people he’s playing pretty good hockey with tons of hustle. The Pens will undoubtedly need some offensive help. Especially with this man in the house:

total intentional photo choice.

Malkin’s knee surgery is tomorrow, which makes the reality of the Penguins’ recent injury loss all the more real. So far all of the injuries have come at forward, but when your system emphasizes offensive zone shifts as the best defense, you don’t give your poor defensemen much of a margin for error. The Pens aren’t scoring easily–it’s a fact. Any mistake that leads to a goal is devastating. Any undisciplined penalty is a fucking disaster for the team, because the hockey gods won’t always be kind to the Penguins’ PK, no matter how beastly it is.

Our inspiration for tomorrow night is Craig Adams, who has received the A in the absence of Crosby and Malkin, along with Jordan Staal and Brooks Orpik.

Scott for scientific method, Amundsen for speed and efficiency but when disaster strikes and all hope is gone, get down on your knees and pray for Craig Adams.

Really, there are very few rocks on this team right now. The boys need all the guidance and defensive forward ability that they can get.
And when someone scores, we hope it’s someone like Max Talbot or Chris Conner or Dustin Jeffrey or Tyler Kennedy. They’re the boiler experts/firemen of this crew.
It’s a long way to Elephant Island.



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