so, that time that we just wanted marc-andre to score

He didn’t. :(

It’s funny that for once we can worry about something other than hanging onto the 1-goal lead in the last 30 seconds, or about that other player that left in the second period and will not return because of a lower body injury.

Like the Sabres thought they could get away with that stupid early goal. They freed hair, which released some holy energy into Consol Energy Center, and there was clearly no going back.

Michalek scored, and warmed our hearts with his Czechness. James Neal scored. Someone in the press had a major crush on Kovalev:

We’d say more, but we were overwhelmed by the nougat that is Tyler Myers’ brain:

Still trying to figure out how he’s still alive. But that’s a story for another day.

Kim wants me to tell you that she says (and I quote exactly), “Hi.”

Now that we’ve got Neal and Michalek and Kovalev and Niskanen out of the way, everyone who is new to the party has scored this season as a Penguin. We’re a family now. Bring it.

Short/nonexistent post because big Hair League changes and updates are in the works.
Go Pens.


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