suck it, universe.

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They TRIED to take it all away from us so many times this season.
“They” being the haters, the dicktouchers, and the universe.
The Forces were really on their game trying to make sure the Penguins went the way of the former Phoenix Coyotes, moving towns and reinventing themselves as a team, hoping no one would remember their sorry past.

But you know what, ya’all can suck it.
We are not about to become the Oklahoma City Bulldogs.

It seemed like there were about one hundred thousand Islanders in front of the net.
And not in the “oh, you’re so skilled defensively” way, more like in a  “oh my god get the fuck out of the way, what are you retards doing here” sort of way.
Everyone is trying to plow in a garbage goal, but the puck bounces a little bit further back, Rupp snatches it up and pretty thoughtlessly throws it towards the net.
It looked like a total, unthinking, knee-jerk reaction. 
Somehow, it found its way through the crowd.

The was a Rupp goal assisted by Godard.
What the fuuuuuck.
Totally awesome.

Feeling a little feisty after getting that point, Godard engages with Gillies, in the nasty way.
The refs start out knowing that they are going to do something stupid.

Gillies probably wins, he gets in a couple more hits, but it’s really more one of those draw situations. No one went away hurting too bad.
That is, before the refs decided that there was a reason to hand out 10 minute game misconducts along with the more obvious fighting penalties. 
Handin’ out misconducts like Snoopy cards on Valentine’s Day really isn’t our idea of ideal reffing.

Later on Konopka and Asham do the cutest little gay dance.
We don’t want to bring too much attention to their love.

More absurd penalties handed out.
The NHL is really losing its grip on reality if this is how penalties are going to be called from now on.

In the second period we stay up by one for a while, then, during some powerplay cycling, Michalek does something that flashes Gonchar in your mind.
Fucking laser from like, three miles down the street.
Everyone was pretty shocked, so there’s no photo, but enjot rhis photo of Michalek dominating little Kyle Okposo:

LVP (to the Penguins)
We can’t deny that the goals Comeau got were pretty good lookin’ goals. Not the best, but we also can’t really call him a bag of dicks at this present moment in time.

The goal in the second period was more understandable; you gotta put up some sort of fight, Isles. It’s no fun when you just lay there waiting for the end to come.
The third period goal by Comeau, however, was a little bit more worrying. Kris Letang tried SO GODDAMN HARD to keep it from happening, and we love him for it.
Alas, that bag of dicks got it in the net.


Letestu gets one in like lightning.
This photo is so golden.
We’re all ready to call it a game.


Oh Brooks. That face says everything that we felt. 
Hamonic, you are fucking terrifying.
Press was pretty on point tonight, as also displayed in this photo:



Smells like Home Ice. 

Going to go ahead and wrap this up here, seeing as it’s a billion years late anyway.
To everyone who was in New York for this game, glad it was such a fucking awesome one for you to witness. 
Also hope you bought Zoe some nachos, she deserves them. 

Now, let’s climb those ranks with what we’ve got left.
Go Pens.


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