the angriest of fridays

Well, it has been a hell of a week. If you run into me in jail this weekend, there are probably reasons why.

1. As a student of literature, as much as I enjoy Michel Houellebecq’s The Elementary Particles and the hilarity that comes with middle-aged French dudes jerking off in public and their subsequent revisiting deep-seated shame and isolation, I really wish I could have a long weekend where I don’t read anything but Harry Potter. And not, as many have argued, anything by George R. R. Martin. SORRY GUYS I JUST DON’T GET IT I’M SORRY PLEASE STOP HITTING ME. I also had to write a paper about a Holocaust memoir, which was really cheery. Also, let’s not forget how embarrassing Daniel Radcliffe is:

And how it has a surprise early performance by Edward Cullen or some shit:



2. $49.99 for this, in this economy?!

We don’t actually have a hockey thing to be mad about because Letang will be back next game and OMG BROOKS ORPIK IS BACK OMG.

by sabrinasinbin on Tumblr.

Unless you count the Ovechkin goals and stuff, really a quite flawless evening last night.

Whatever, balls.
Pens play the actual New Jersey Devils on Saturday.


Go Pens.


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