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Getting to watch the Project Bundle Up video is basically Christmas. Probably because we have ovaries. Also because we are not joyless trolls who hate children. So here is a recap of this year’s Project Bundle Up. The kids don’t even need those coats yet, but they will. Oh they will.

0:30: A lady explains to the kids what they are going to get. “Probably a nice hat” is one of the items on the list. Just probably nice.
0:41: Epic Pascal Dupuis mustache depiction.  Then Niskanen is dressing behind the scenes in a batman-esque moment.
1:00: Sidney Crosby adamant about gloves for a child.
1:07: Girl questions Matt Cooke’s choice of a lime green winter coat.  She ain’t digging the green no more.  His “what” is on point.  He accuses her of being picky. 
1:14: “Is good or big?  Good?  Try left.”  Geno should totally do employee training at Payless.  ALWAYS TRY ON BOTH SHOES, GUYS.
1:21: Brooks Orpik looking extremely thoughtful.
1:25: Kris Letang puts a red hood on a complacent child.  We don’t think this is a ritual.
1:30 Steve Sullivan is interviewed.  “A lot of good stuff,” he says.

A very short project bundle up compared to others of years past.
However, we believe that Geno’s presence saves this moment implicitly.

Thank God.
Go Pens. 


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