The Price is wrong. So, so wrong.

For obvious reasons, I don’t really want to give you an in depth recap on this one.

Our 200th consecutive sold out game went something like this:


Yeah. Not so good.

This was a horribly frustrating game to watch. Everytime we got a chance in the offensive zone, the Habs had it off the glass and out. Everytime they got the puck on their sticks it was dumped deep and we spent the rest of our lives trying to get it out.
I think life just ended for the two Pens fans bottom right in the yellow gold jerseys.


I never knew giving up the first goal of an early March game to be quite so devastating.

After the Habs 3rd unanswered goal, Fleury willingly exited the net. Note he was not chased. Fleury doesn’t get chased out of fucking no where. All parties simply agreed that the best thing was for MAF and his beloved posts to part ways until tomorrow.
I’m not blaming MAF for this one in anyway. The guys were flat all game and there’s only so much a goalie can do for you in a situation like that.
Brent Johnson steps in for the last 30 something minutes to keep the score less embarassing than it could have been.

3-0 Habs

Pens lose.

Alt Stars
Was not actually captured on film in this game, despite being much more than a pretty face.

2 and 3

FYI I have nicknamed Lovejoy/Engelland Loveland. I’m writing Bylsma to make sure that they are always paired together.

In case you want to have a pity party, here’s a stat to add some flavour to the punch: 265 man games lost. That’s one fuck of a lot. However, instead of a pity party, I suggest getting PISSED and breaking shit. Breaking shit always makes me feel better.

Oilers tomorrow at 3.