the sky’s turning purple

It is now Tuesday, and the sun is going to rise on July 1st any minute now, more or less. Shit has already gone down to give us an idea for what climate we will see on that fateful day. This is the easy part of our analysis: the Pens have already locked up two very important forwards–Craig Adams was early to hop back on board, and Pascal Dupuis just did, for a mere raise of $100k in terms of cap hit.

This is the money shot, right here. This is after an empty net goal against the Devils. These are the guys you want on the ice late in a period in a close game. These are the guys who walk around banging people’s moms metaphorically via shot block. Unbelievably solid signings. Craig Adams, btw, took a raise of only $125k, which is more significant in terms of his smaller salary, but awesome nonetheless. Pay for a forward is often proportional to offensive contribution, even in some bizarre, insane, mathematically-incorrect way. What Pascal Dupuis does for this team is certainly special, but what Craig Adams does is perhaps more unique, and we’ve got all that shit on lockdown.

The Pens are now the team that has spent closest to the cap. 6.4 million to mess around with on Friday is still nothing to sneeze at. Seven defensemen are under contract for next season–no worries there. Tyler Kennedy has not been given an offer and Max Talbot will probably go to July 1st. A moment of silence, for Talbot and TK’s celebration. Feel free to snicker at the end for Sjostrom’s defeat.

Many Pens nowadays, in this Cup era, might not remember a team without TK and MaxTal–even we have to scratch our heads a bit. They are quality dudes with whom we have a long and twisted history. You remember those flashes of brilliance, and those moments you groaned and shook your head in agony. But shouldn’t thinking of Tyler Kennedy naturally make you think of a time when we had other options at RW?



Puck Huffers is well on board for #jagrwatch. If the price is right.

Hey, you know who the price wasn’t right for?

Brooks Laich.
Not that we don’t totally believe that he should be the captain of the Washington Capitals. If you watched Ovechkin’s behavior as “captain” in the room it’s not difficult to understand why this team loses in the playoffs. Not that we want them to win or anything, but here’s the caveat: Brooks Laich is actually a good player AND a good dude in the room, who doesn’t appear to fall victim to Bruce Boudreau’s absent-dad coaching tactics. Whatever, he’s worth more than money to that team; he is the glue that keeps the piñata from splitting at the seams, him and Knuble right now. It’s a house of cards. That is raising the market value of wingers considerably. THANKS A LOT GEORGE MCPHEE.

We don’t know what else is going to happen, except that more people are going to get overpaid, and we’re excited.

Jagr Watches.
Go Pens. Go Shero.


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