too hot to handle

Breaking news: Habs fans have actually persuaded the Montreal police to criminally investigate Chara’s hit on Max Pacioretty.

What’s the public verdict on Jordan’s hair? Since this is our first at-length, truly intimate view of it.
It should certainly increase his aerodynamic quality.
We want it to grow out a little bit more. You know. . .juuuust a little.

Check out this liveblog of the Blackhawks meeting Obama today.

The President’s remarks will be coming up soon outside on the South Lawn, and the White House buzz is this championship ceremony is particularly special with any number of Chicagoans working for the Administration.


Sounds like an excerpt from Emily Post’s Etiquette. Like we’re announcing the coming out party of a bunch of debutantes.

Speaking of beautiful debutantes:

Over/under on how many times MaxTal hit on the Penguin handler: go.

Oh and Go Pens. 


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