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Pens didn’t do anything today. Rob Rossi made all of the conclusions on Twitter that we made automatically for free, and we’re not even professional sports journalists (yet).
The great Rostislav Klesla, the Original Blue Jacket, of “Thanks Jim Day” fame, became a Phoenix Coyote today. Scottie Upshall, Scottie Upshall’s abs, and Sami Lepisto came to Columbus, making the fact that Columbus got a Finn the most exciting thing to happen all day.

Oh and Jason Arnott became a Cap or something. Which means he’s on our shit list. We were going to just post a picture of Jason Arnott, but then we noticed that his face was arrayed startlingly on our favorite photo source, Daylife. OBSERVE:

Maybe it’s a sign.
Maybe Jason sees Godzilla.

The Pens have a lot of cap room to spare in case some folks need to come off of LTIR.  Which, presumably, they will.
Give yourself a big hug and Thank Curry for TSN.
We made it.
Are we still the monster?
Pens don’t play til Wednesday; maybe we’ll figure it out.



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