So now it’s our duty to say something about hockey that has nothing to do with the Penguins, we guess. The reality of it is that we’ve spent the past several nights crying into glasses of whiskey and looking at pictures of cats that look like Hitler on the internet; all pointless efforts to alleviate the pain of the vast, empty void that is the world of Penguins hockey right now. 
It’s a lot like Max Talbot’s soul up in here. 

So what’s happening here…

Unless something crazy happens in the next few minutes, Boston is staring a possible sweep in the face. Assuming they take it tonight, that’s a 3-0.
Typically, in the finals, if the Pens aren’t there we’ll root in-state. There are a lot of things that would alter this, like if the Jackets ever made it to the finals (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) but mostly it’s true. But these are still semifinal games.
Go Bs.

Tampa Bay is looking like they may sweep tonight.
We’re kind of glad…
Not FOR them. Just for our own image. It’s not like we got beat up by the class retard, at least.

As I write this, Detroit just went up 3-2 over SJS in the game tonight, but the Sharks are leading the series 2-0 and could still come away with the game tonight. Lols to Western games going on into the late hours of the night. We’re rooting SJS not just for the series, but for the win. Maybe this will be the year they forget to choke.
Come on guys.

Vancouver and Nashville are just hilarious.
We want the series extended to five hundred games.
Preds for the Cup.

Anyway, try not to be too depressed, because soon we will get amazing photos from charity golf tournaments in which the boys wear ill fitting polo shirts and pants with horrible patterns.
It’s summertime.
Fuck the other teams.
Go Pens.



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