we still love you (except maybe not)

Fucking Bizarro World we live in.
We didn’t RIP the Coyotes yet, so here’s a heartstring-tugging photo of Bryz:

Until next year, babe.
Go to a beach and catch up on your Socrates.

Last night, Boston tied up their series, thanks to a goal by Michael Ryder, who, true story, is kind of adorable despite being Bruins’ fans requisite scapegoat:

Carey Price looks like he needs a Bud Light and a Newport.

Chicago just won’t die. Luongo sucks. We are so unbelievably over this Canucks/Hawks thing. It is a bad angsty slash fiction that just needs to end, preferably with Chicago not advancing.

And, lastly, the San Jose Sharks are walking tall with a 3-1 series lead. Hopefully they still know that anything can happen:

We love that we can’t predict the future. It’s what makes sports fun. And life. Baking, less so.

We don’t even know what to do about a noon Saturday playoff game. CBC wants the Montreal game 5 in primetime, so we’re all going to have to gargle cocks and get out of bed bright and early. What do you suggest? We’ll get the ball rolling with a James Neal Blingee:

Go Pens.


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