well, michael douglas was happy

look at that smile.

We find that the actual scores and events of these games are hardly newsworthy when we’re lucky to come out of every 20-minute period without a season-ending injury. We find it more newsworthy the way the NHL is handling everything day-to-day. We find it more newsworthy that Brett Sterling is stepping it up at this level. We find it more newsworthy the way Kris Letang skill skates his balls off to exit the zone and the start the breakout on one of his last shifts of the game, with no real chance of a comeback.

It is absolutely about survival and nothing else at this point. We’re already in our playoffs. The Pens know that, it seems. If everyone were writing this off as a lost season, you wouldn’t see the attitude or behavior that you see among the Penguins, in their locker room, at their practices. They still want to be here. So should you.

So wipe off the dirt.
We on to the next one.

Nick Johnson in this picture has already been mistaken for Brent Johnson by the fine folks at Getty. No one even knows who are team is anymore, except us, and the guys wearing the jerseys. And that’s not a bad thing. Everyone can hate us. Fuck them. We’re still here. Tank ain’t empty yet.

10 games for Eric Godard, 9 games for Trevor Gillies, 4 games for Matt Martin.
We’re picking up what Mario’s putting down. We get that he is a private dude. We wouldn’t want to subject ourselves to the way the current hockey media is, either.

Suck it.

Pens don’t play til Wednesday. Get some rest.

Go Pens.


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