what’s going on?

Death, mostly.
First and foremost, there really isn’t an easy way to factor in substitutions, as far as we yet know, with our current spreadsheet layout. So, if you submitted a substitution to us after about the midpoint of the season (and really, that’s the only time that we got any), we have saved it. This is how it will work:
SUBSTITUTION POINTS WILL BE TABULATED AT THE END OF THE REGULAR SEASON BY HAND. We know your sub, we know the date and time that it was sent to us. After the last game of the regular season, we will subtract your original player’s points from after the date of substitution, and add your substituted player’s points from that point forward.
No, it’s not going to be easy, but it will probably cause the least headache.

If you’d like to volunteer to help us add points up, feel free to send us an e-mail. i.e. you have more time on your hands than we do, which is admirable.

Apparently it’s St. Patrick’s day, which is apparently a real holiday.

By now surely you’ve seen this:

ZACH PARISE AS DETECTIVE ZACH PARISE is a classic that we will use for years.
Enjoying Zach Parise, if you didn’t already, can be your gift to yourself this St. Patrick’s Day.

You know what we miss?


download your copy of Gimp 2.6 today and get to work.
I’d make you a new one, but between the bizarre picture and the Rangers reference (and Ryan Whitney), I was a little torn.
Inspirational Peppers for the Penguins between now and Sunday would be most welcome.

Go Pens.


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