For the first time since the Pheonix Coyotes moved to New Orleans and became the Louisiana Muskrats, the NHL has reshuffled the deck.
But…uhhh…not too well. Yet.

The Winnipeg _______s now exist (name not yet chosen…) rather than the Atlanta Thrashers, which is pretty hilarious to begin with. Rumor has it they are sticking with the Jets, but we think that’s lazy and missing a great opportunity for a new and hilarious team name.
Second on the list of “what?”s is the fact that the TBAs (their new official name on PH) will be in the Southeast Division. So Tampa, Florida, the Caps, and the Canes all have to haulass up to Manitoba four times a year. We were really looking forward to the Caps losing the devision to the Preds every year, so this throws a really unfun kink into our plan. 

This is the second team to leave Atlanta, and we’re really hoping another team gets shuffled over to take its place. Maybe if we keep sending teams to Atlanta, they’ll keep sending the teams up to Canada, and eventually the Penguins will be the only team representing America. And we all know that Pittsburgh is vaguely Canadian anyway, so it barely counts. 

 The Thrashers aren’t exactly the team you want to have moved to your town, but then again, if all you have to beat is the fading memory of a 9-57-14 season, it’s pretty much all gravy. 

 So, good luck to you, TBAs

Go Pens.
Get your tan on. 


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