you ain’t what i’d call a friend

Well, tits.
The NHL standings don’t update in real time for whatever reason (you know someone could write a javascript that does it), so I’ve provided my own updates:
10 games remain.

Oh and then there was this:
Will probably lead to a suspension. Luckily some forwards (like Asham and the great Michael Comrie) are getting ready to go.
Chris Kunitz got the Pens ahead with a brilliant shorthanded goal, shot high on one of Lundqvist’s vaunted plastic, broad shoulders, making him look like the mere child’s toy that he is.
Then the Pens shit the bed on the whole game by allowing two goals in like 2 seconds.
And then 2 more goals, just for extra funsies.
Final score 5-2. Where are you going to hide the bodies?

Referees were slightly out of their minds today but that’s okay. Lots of weird stuff getting called on both sides, and a lot of stuff being let go. Seemed like everyone was>
p.s. Eminger is scum.

I’ve started to put all photos relevant to games that don’t even deserve to be thought about in a folder on my computer called “wtf.” Try it, it’s fun.

Suggested methods for the resurrection of god are now being accepted in our inbox. What would your personal gameplan be for the last 10 games?
We like to call it “trying to stay afloat.”

In our wildest dreams, Crosby is currently sniping shots in a secret underground ice bunker against robot goaltenders. In reality, we might be going to the playoffs with this crew. Miracles can happen.

Do work.
Go Pens.


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