technological breakdown

So there were a lot of things that went wrong last night.
This is what happens when we start whipping it out and screaming OH MY GOD EVERYONE LOOK HOW HUGE IT IS!!!

“Hey, Hey Steve, check it out.”
“Goddamnit Sid, that is the last time you get me.”
“Heh heh heh. Gay.”

 We can’t get too cocky, because that ends up with two games lost to the Islanders.
Something came out of this game, at least.
You realized that it is possible to promise your soul to God, swear you’ll be at service every week, cry uncontrolably, and scream “NEVER MIND, JUST HIS NOSE” all in the same shaky, terrified breath.

Our thoughts exactly, Dupes.

Injury porn, for those of you into it.
(Maybe just me.)

Now, I am writing this recap with my tenuous-at-best grip on technology – as the penguins failed, so has very laptop in this godforsaken land. I literally have the charging cord thrown over my shoulder, because for some reason slight tension upwards on he charging cord makes it work if I don’t move at all.
Don’t laugh at me. You’ve done this with wires before.
Anyway, check back tonight for, what’s that?, A SURPRISE SECOND POSTING.

We’ll get over this.
To hell with you, Isles.
Go Pens.


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