the golden gods

Oh so here is Gene being the best person of all time:

The Fan Police will have you believe that he did something wrong, that he made a faux pas by calling this “the best day of his life.”
It probably is the best day of his life, idiots. When else has he been able to confidently present himself to the entire world and explain, in English, how thankful he is to be where he is today?
I mean really. He did a good job. He’s having a great time. He’s an adult human being now and he has earned multifaceted respect from the hockey universe that extends beyond one superhuman Cup run. Lots of people have superhuman Cup runs and then fade into obscurity. Gene is not that player. He doesn’t have to cling to former glory because there is more for him to do. So whatever. Suck it.

This season changed the game and not all of it has been good–in fact most of it has been bad. But there’s always tomorrow. Depending on what happens this summer, everything could be different. Cherish it.



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