up against your will

We’ve been calling for Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen to be the theme of this series and somehow it’s making more sense because we lost and this isn’t exactly the most thrilling song of all time.
Some luxury car used this in their commercial with some fucking vampires. Idiots.

This offseason is probably going to be tumultuous. This isn’t a club that should expect or appreciate first round exits.
We believe that the Penguins mentally lost this game more than the Flyers won it from them, and that anyone who says otherwise is making shit up.
But we’re biased, obviously.
Giroux is still a misogynist. Surprisingly little Twitter chirping re: our article yesterday except some guy who said he wanted to take us to dinner and then not call us. A veteran move.

There’s a lot to look forward to, though. Just not today.

One of these days. More crushing defeat pics to come, most likely.

We are on the Phoenix Coyotes/Louisiana Muskrats bandwagon for the rest of the season.

but, as an addendum, we are with you and the Pens through the thick and thin.

thanks for being magical.

go pens, forever.


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