who are you most likely to root for in the ASG?

So, what’s it going to be? Team Alfredsson or Team Chara? What are you in it for? Do you even care?
Here is a Helpful Graphic:

Malkin and James Neal are on separate teams, which makes this perhaps difficult for Pens fans.
As for Letang, we know that his hair is often a big deal when it comes to swing votes, but we’ll stay out of it for the time being.
The key problem here is that Team  Chara has Jimmy Howard.
But Team Alfredsson has John Tavares.
How do we balance our Grease Alliances?
P.S. where is Selanne?  Anyone?

Anyway, Team Alfredsson has Jonathan Quick and not Carey Price.
We think that makes it evident enough.

ya dig?


Go Pens.
go James Neal, Gene, and KTang.
For all eternity. 


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