2013 NHL playoffs begin: it’s like a thunderstorm-earthquake in your loins

Recap of last night real quick.  The Pens get down to business with the Islanders tonight but we are already primed for shaking and crying by the events of last evening.

Blackhawks vs. Wild – Blackhawks lead the series 1-0 after an emotional overtime goal
Niklas Backstrom went down in warmups.  All the East fans who have never seen the Wild play a game this season suddenly perked up from their BLACKHAWKS IN FOUR! arguments.  Emotional investment in the Minnesota Wild was nonexistent before this moment–everyone was still pissed at them for grabbing Parise and Suter.  It seemed an almost Kovalchuk-ian move, superstars taking pay raises to play for a team that is never going to do much of anything.  Except everyone on  the Wild apparently doesn’t suck like we’ve been led to believe.  Josh Harding, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year, took his spot between the pipes without a backup and spent the rest of the evening holding off the “best team in the NHL this season.”


And just like that, it’s war.

The Wild played an unbelievable game all around.  Not only were they steady defensively, holding one of the best offenses in the NHL to one goal through 60 minutes on their home ice, it was exciting to watch.
You’ll have to forgive us, Northwest Division bros, for not paying attention to this team at all this season.  We were pretty busy.

The old gods have bigger plans for Minnesota.  Whether our hearts just get wrenched out with prejudice, or they manage to pull off an upset.  We don’t want think it’s going to be a sweep anymore.

Blues vs. Kings – Blues win in OT after Kings tie it late

The Blues were all up in everyone’s business and the Kings managed a late goal by grinding it out.  It was equally emotional.  The two OTs last night ended at the exact same time, which is probably a coincidence but there could be ancient curse involvement.


Alexander Steen stole a puck from Jonathan Quick behind the net while his team was on the PK and put it home before JQuick could even put his pants back on.  Pretty crazy.

Ducks vs. Red Wings – Anaheim leads the series 1-0, winning in regulation because the Wings got their only offense from Dan Cleary and also they suck

Selanne all day

If your body wasn’t vibrating while you were watching these games we don’t know if we can be friends.


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