The Pens are sharing air with Zoe in Boston tonight. Quickcap tonight – we're busy people sometimes because we have lives but life always takes a few hours to pause for hockey. Especially when you have a disease that makes you claw your own eyes out if you miss a game.

The press really sucked several dicks tonight. In a 7 point game there were maybe 4 actual photos of goals. Do they not realize what their actual job is? What are they even doing?


Oh. Creeping around the locker room while no one is paying attention. We can understand the impulse, but come on fellas.

Meanwhile, when Brooks Orpik commits Crimes Against Country in the first period with a ridiculous fan on a shot, leading to the fall of mankind and also a goal by Eriksson, press is like LOOK AT HOW THE LIGHT HITS THAT SPIDERWEB OMG


The Pens took two for interference and once again Brooks was doing hockey wrong by leaving the slot wide open to dance in a field of daisies with Soderberg. Smith gets it behind MAF.


The advent of the second period brings a wrister from Neal that makes you duck a little in your chair, fearing that the puck will actually rip through time and space and hit your right in your dropped jaw. 
It's really pretty.


It's the first of a pair – the next point on the chats is halfway through the third, and Neal ties it up with another wicked wrister. This one bounces in off the cross bar.

With only five minutes left the Bs pull ahead when an unfortunate incident leads to Sid bouncing a puck past MAF . No thanks. We will never emotionally recover.

As the clock ticks down to the final seconds, it seems like the game is over. But what do we always say? Ain't over till it's over. With less than a second yet, Sid redeems himself and sails one home. They have to review the goal to make sure it went over the line before the 0. Good Goal. 

So OT ends with the Bs getting one into the net and we end up going home with one point instead of two. Obv we always wanna win, but getting the tie in the last second is kind of like a win in itself. We'll remember that one for ages to come.

So, Pens lose, but only kinda.
Apologies for the abbreviated recap, but ya know, sometimes we ain't got all the time. You're all the cutest and we want to hug each and every one of you. 
Keep it up.
Go Pens.