A Girl’s Guide to Watching Hockey

In response to the complete asshat-ery of the Rags, we (of course) decided to make our own Girl's Guide to Watching Hockey, Puck Huffers style.



1. Enjoy watching hockey.
2. If you aren't enjoying watching hockey, stop watching hockey.

Scream with the crowd if ya want. Or don't, no pressure.

Wear giant green hands if you feel like it. Shout. Remind your team that they're #1 (even if you are sorely mistaken because you aren't a Penguins fan.)

Fuck sponsor beards, YOU wear the beard! Or don't! Or get a sponsor beard, they're actually a cool idea! Or don't give a shit about beards!

Be a Flyers fan if you absolutely must! I mean, we don't recommend it, but whatever floats your hockey boat!

Accesorize, girl! I mean, if that's your thing. If you're more comfortable in an Outer Banks T-shirt and some sweats, do that. We honestly couldn't give a shit as long as you're having fun!

Never stop the party! Or, hell, go to bed early. We don't mind. ARE YOU LOVING THE HOCKEY, IS THE QUESTION!?!


Don't get down about idiots. Yeah, they suck, but they are an endless force that we can only mute by not giving a fuck about them. 
Do hockey your way and for your reason.

These bitches totally want you to -

And we mean that with the utmost respect.

Go ladies who love hockey.
Go ladies who don't.
Go people who do what makes them happy for their own reasons.

Fuck da haters.
Go Pens.


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