a red sun rises

Yesterday was another extremely difficult day in Boston.  Not trying to get super personal, but I think it's important to put this game in context.  I'm a pretty rural girl, having grown up in the kind of place where people don't lock their doors.  So waking up to 10+ text alerts from your place of employment and missed calls from close friends at 5:45AM telling me not to leave my house and that the MBTA was completely closed was pretty surreal.  I spent over twelve hours glued to my computer listening to a police scanner, in lockdown most of that time, under instructions from law enforcement along with most of the rest of the Greater Boston community to not leave my home or even open my shades.  This was because of the manhunt, which has been covered to hell and back in the US media, so I don't feel the need to bring you more deets–other than to say that it was bizarre, listening to the scanner all day, having no idea where this kid was and whether he was going to blow up someone's house within, idk, a mile of my own.  Then they said we were allowed to leave our homes again.  And then some poor dude in Watertown found a bleeding man in his boat.  And then, after some more police scanner craziness, they finally got the guy. Needless to say, the Pens game was cancelled.  

Last night was a beautiful night in eastern Massachusetts–warm, breezy, and misty, and once we were all allowed out of our houses, and we knew there were no more bombs in the city, I think we felt a whole hell of a lot better.  And we'd be up in the morning for hockey.

Needless to say, despite the army dudes with assault rifles and the fact that there were no fewer than eight large vehicles emblazoned with Homeland Security in front of TD Garden today, things are back to normal.  I know so, because frat boys were yelling over the Garden ice from the nosebleed seats to put Matt Cooke in a body bag and the boos rained down for everything from Jarome Iginla drawing breath to a hairline offside call.  Looks like we had a game on our hands

The Bruins and their fans were like a band of drunken pirates out of the gate.  B's were getting all the shots, and like the villain in some kind of 90's buddy cop movie, Matt Cooke took a penalty.  Of course they were gonna score on that one.  About halfway through the period:

It made sense.  The Bruins had some exorcisms to do.  Even as a Pens fan I wasn't really gonna complain.  When I'm in an arena for a Pens game on the road I just try to smile and nod.  (Except when I'm in Nassau then I just shout.)  Really I just love hockey.  The Pens locking up the #1 seed flitted through my mind in this moment.

Before all that happened, Tanner Glass fought Adam McQuaid.  Standard ballroom dancing.  Yep this is the Boston game I'm used to.

Iginla got booed, by the way, every single time he touched the puck tonight.  It was like the Bruins fans totally forgot that Matt Cooke was even playing.  Iggy felt like he was getting shit so he eventually dropped the gloves with Horton for an unknown reason.  Horton did not return.  Everyone seems to think it was his hand and not his precious head.

Ridiculous fight.  Not a clue why this happened.  Or why Iggy was getting booed so much–really shouldn't everyone be mad at Jay Feaster for telling Chiarelli they had a deal before talking to his player or something?  BUT I DIDN'T SEE A "BURY FEASTER" BANNER NOW DID I BOSTON

the story of the game was blah blah blah penalties.  There weren't too many of them, but they seemed to fall at pivotal moments.  In both the second and the third period, penalties carried over from the previous frame.

Glass, Jokinen, and Adams are the forwards on the ice in the second period about five minutes in.  No idea why.  But it worked.  Craigsy and Tanner worked the Bruins defense over a bit and no one picked up Jussi, who was able to swoop in and make a diving play for the puck past Rask's hand.

Rask is trying really hard you guys.  But Juice and Craigsy and Glass are trying harder.  Tanner Glass assist alert, bringing his season point total to two~~~.

There was a sequence mid second period here it was all fucking Bruins all the time and the puck eventually was poked in, but the whistle had blown and also someone had tackled Vokoun.  So that was legal.

Equally legal was Chara remembering Matt Cooke and getting all up in his business and taking a penalty:

For this moment everything is amazing.  Jagr took a penalty at the end of the period because he's busy Jaromir-ing it up and didn't realize it was the end of the god damn period.

the vast majority of us do not miss you in your current form

unlike the Pens taking eight thousand penalties in the first period, the Bruins took eight thousand in the second period instead.  IN OUR DIFFERENCES WE ARE MUCH ALIKE

The third period really could have gone either way.
But it went a different way.  The Bruins looked a little unfocused and were not the shot-creating machine that they were in the first.  The Pens had found their legs.

And also their power play which is for some reason still amazing without Crosby, Malkin, and Martin.  Jesus.  Marchand tried to fight Jokinen for some reason but ended up just being a dick.

Bruins fans are busy booing Iggy, so he put a slapper in from the center point.  Eesh, Tuukka.  Yeeeeesh.

boooooooo Feaster boooooooooooo on you

A few minutes later the Pens get another PP.  This time Letang, who has been having one of those quiet, gentle, perfect, we-all-want-him-to-get-the-Norris-nomination games, puts one in from way up top.  Can't really boo anyone on that.  It's the unicorn blood within.


The Bruins realized that time was running out on them eventually but they still played hard and tried to get just one more.  Tyler Seguin did get one with like 2 seconds left and my dear friend Paula, next to me in her Seguin jersey, was like, "Just one more!  We'll take it."

and so they did.

Pens win, 3-2.




1. Beau Bennett: should never not be in the lineup seriously

2. Iggy because iggy

3. Boston–thanks for getting back to normal, and for all your stupid townies on my post-game train who didn't know how many stops it was until Kenmore.  I love you.

I know that feeling safe outside of our own locked front doors meant a lot to everyone in the Garden this afternoon, win or lose.  It's all for the love of hockey.  See you in the playoffs dicks.

Dan Bylsma wore this shirt in his pregame interviews.  These are being sold by the Bruins.  There is a Red Sox version as well.  The proceeds from these shirts go in full to benefit the victims of the marathon bombings.  They can't make them fast enough because everyone is buying them, but they appear to be getting more hot off the presses all the time (like I think I bought mine right after it was pulled off a truck this afternoon).  If you're in Boston, you can pick one up, or buy directly from the Bruins pro shop here: http://www.bostonproshop.com/bosttee1.html

Please buy from the Bruins and not from some dude on the street or a third party website because hospitals are expensive as fuck and a lot of the people injured probably don't have health insurance at all.  It's a cool shirt and you are actually helping.  (I haven't taken mine off since I got home and it is already covered in cat hair–a symbol of love.)  You can also donate directly to One Fund Boston.

We'll be over here waiting to see whether we play Ottawa, Winnipeg, the Rangers, or maybe even the Caps.  Battles for the bottom seeds are absolutely wild right now.  Caps are 3rd seed but could fall totally out of the playoffs with one bad move.  Read: their division is butts.

Happy playoffs also to the Islanders and the Leafs.  We shall waltz at dawn.

go pens~~~



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