far and away

Hello from Seattle.  I’ve missed a lot of hockey to be in the Pacific Northwest, drinkin’ drinks and eating hot dogs with cream cheese on them.  Is this a Seattle thing?  Someone can clarify, perhaps.

Anyway, the Panthers.  Apparently Malkin was a late scratch–hopefully just one of those “let’s rest him for the playoffs” things because, let’s be honest, the Pens can’t afford to take risks right now.  The win streak put us sitting pretty–perhaps dangerously–but at least we’re not in the dogfight.

Seems like the Pens didn’t really get going until late in the first period when Kris Letang bared his unicorn horn and put one in from the center point through a Big Deal screen.  Then, a few minutes later, Morrow, Bennett, and Vitale get nasty around Markstrom (who we really like btw, sorry folks).

this photo is ominous.  is that nisky looking like a mob boss?


the depth sure is showing with Sid and Malkin out of the lineup, eh, folks? 

Upshall got some garbage early in the second.  Accurate representation of your emotion at an Upshall goal:

ain’t even no thang (we hope you are laughing at this crying fish because it is HILARIOUS).

But since then?  Just a lot of playin’ it simple and strong.  Now is not the time to get fancy, after all.  Morrow empty netter at the end.

Solid road game idk.

go pens

cream cheese hawdogs 4ever


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