make it rain

The season starts on Thursday.  Finally, during the last preseason game, we saw the Pens play well.  It felt like a lifetime since we had seen a Pens win that didn't come with the metallic taste of blood in our mouths and a bucketful of infant tears.  But it happened.  It was real.  It was only preseason.  We want the rest of the season to be like that.  But chances are it won't be.

  • Ride or die with MAF and Zatkoff is backup until Vokoun is well.  Doesn't look like the Pens are going to tip their hand and sign another goalie.  Moose is available.  Johan Fucking Father of Our Children Hedberg is available.  But they're not budging.
  • Letang is hurt.  Hilarious.
  • Pens still have over a million to clear to become cap compliant.  Putting either Vokoun or Letang or both on LTIR would solve this problem, but that takes them off the plate completely for at least 10 games.
  • Better solution?  Maybe put Tanner Glass on waivers?  WE DON'T EVEN KNOW
  • The Pirates own the city for now and while we certainly enjoy hockey and barely understand baseball, our hearts are with the Bucs.  Tomorrow is the first playoff baseball game in Pittsburgh since October 11, 1992.  Get in your time machines.  Wear black.  All black.  #pncblackout
  • Ridiculous rumor roundup: someone talked some shit that the Pens would be signing Bryz.  No chance.  Bryz is part of the delicious mythology that will never touch Pittsburgh.  Also rumors that Despres was being shopped.  Which better be lies.
  • ummm 
  • let's get this party started

Go Pens.


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