Last night was the best game the Penguins have played all series.  We believe that.  But there's nothing–absolutely nothing on this earth–like watching the best game your team plays all series and still having them sent to the brink.  Both goalies were fantastic, but Rask had to be more fantastic.  Rask stole the game.  53 saves on 54 shots is hardly a joke.  It's a legacy.  That's about how many shots MAF saved in Game 5 against Detroit in 2008.  But we all know what has happened to Marc-André Fleury.

The Penguins were ridiculously close to scoring on many of those 53 shots.  But Rask was very good.  And also, the bounces just didn't go the Pens' way.

The Pens did get one goal.  Got Tuukka moving and Kunitz was able to sneak one in.  Pretty classic Kunitz type goal.


And that was gonna be the last goal for a long-ass time.

The Pens were going to win this game.  It was at every turn, every stupid scrum, every disembodied wail in the night.  Until it wasn't.


I watched this game at a bar in Harvard Square and had perpetual shakes and couldn't stop yelling.  It really doesn't get much more irrationally intense than those moments when you're just waiting for something to happen, late at night in unfriendly territory, fearful for your sanity and whether or not you're actually going to get to sleep before work the next day.

When the Bruins ended it, it was perfect.  Perfect for them, that is.  At least it wasn't a mistake the Pens made, an accident, a fluke.  It was an excellent play and it sank to your stomach like a shot of cheap vodka.  God fucking damn shit.


We know there will be one more game.

We don't know for sure if the Pens' season is over, but it feels like something is very broken inside the universe.  A key cog, a delicate circuit.

Play this exact same game on Friday, and we might just win one.  Just gotta win one.

One at a time.

The play didn't end the Penguins season.

The Penguins will end their own season, if they choose to end it.

There are bones in your backyard, you know.  We don't know where they came from.  We just know that they're there.

Go Pens.


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