satan in the wings

We have MSG (fucking Chico) and are trying to doublefist the WJC and this game. Turning up the USA and turning down the NHL. We love the irrational patriotism we get during international hockey tournaments. We hate that this Pens game is at 1:00. Can’t win right now. Mess city. Almost overslept. Need coffee.

USA starts the tied third on a power play. The American goal is from Riley Barber, a southwest PA son. Our hearts bled.



Interference penalty on McCoshen immediately after USA PP as the puck drops for the Devils game. Shorthanded chance omg. Watching both games at the same time is too hard. Christmas Ham is in net for the Devils. Oh and Maatta is scratched. Finnish Husband needs a break we understand.

Connor McDavid for Canada on the PP. Fuck. And Henrique scored for the Devils. Fuck.
Can I make coffee now?

The Canadians score again and Elias might be dead. Wow.

USA thought they buried one. But they didn’t. Seriously kids?

They finally do get a fluky goal. But they can’t get the equalizer at the end. We will meet again assholes.


god damn it connor mcdavid


oh right there's a game on.  switched to ROOT sports because we don't deserve Chico after watching that WJC game.

Michael Ryder buries one early in the third and someone in the crowd has a sign that says MY MOM SAYS HI.  ROOT shows it for like a couple seconds.  No idea why.



blah blah blah coffee

Nisky blast from the point beats Marty. GO TO HELL CANADA

2-1 Pens.

Score won't change.  Welp.

Pens get stuck running around though and take a lot of penalties.  We all thought James Neal was super hurt but it looks like just a bloody nose/cheek as opposed to something more serious.

Conner almost got a breakaway and Brodeur came out and shot it into the Penguins bench.  Not a penalty.  

third period was just an exercise in pure Devils hockey.  Do we even have to discuss it?

Pens couldn't get one.

Devils win.

2013 was a weird fucking year.

We'll see you on the other side.


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