send: blankets, good beer, body armor, possibly a hovercraft

Just a heads up that Zoë will be reporting LIVE from the belly of the beast tonight, aka a sports bar literally steps from Fenway Park as the Boston Red Sox play the potential World Series clincher.  The Pens-Bruins game doesn't start until 8pm which strikes us as horribly unwise.  She will be wearing a Joe Vitale shirt in enemy territory.

The Bruins are kind of good.  The Pens have played more games and are, as we all know, on a losing streak.  This is the first time the teams meet since That Thing Happened in the playoffs.

The deeper question: if Zoë wears a Penguins shirt to people recognize her as an ally to the Red Sox cause because clearly a Pittsburgh fan wants to take out the Cards, or do they still see her as The Enemy?

Follow PuckHuffers and zoeclaire_ on Twitter for updates and expect a recap god knows when.  We still don't really care about baseball that doesn't call PNC Park home but god damn do we like a party.  Also, fuck the Cardinals.  Also, there's nothing to get the rage adrenaline pumping like being in a sum of all fears situation with a bunch of Boston sports fans.  Consider it like recreational drug use but without the drugs.

Go Pens.


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