Okay, let's discuss yesterday's game real quick.

First, warmups.

"Don't you want to celebrate Ireland's accomplishments, like Michael Lohan and vomiting into a bagpipe?"
Thanks, LL. 


The games starts, and it takes a while for anything to happen, but then Sid is all like OUT, SNAKES!

For some reason this is one of the best game photos ever. 
It could be the cover of a weird hockey adaptation of The Outsiders.

You'd think Tyler Seguin wouldn't be such a heartless bastard because his name ends in 'guin, but we've been more thoroughly fooled by lesser men.

You're just Tyler Se to us from now on. 

Then Vitale, who has what appears to be powdered sugar on his shoulder, decides he doesn't want to head into the locker room with a tie, because we all know ties are like kissing your sister.


And that's it. I mean, not literally, but figuratively. 
Vokoun was nasty the rest of the game. Krejci got hurt. 
Sidney Crosby played the unfortunate starring role of this photograph:


But the score of the first period lasted us until the final buzzer. 
It was fun, especially while riding a crazy streak (that will never, ever end.)

We apologize for the lack of a real recap yesterday after the game.
Back to normal next game.
Livin' the dream over here in the 'burgh.
Go Pens.


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