the saddest pony in the aquarium

This is short, because today was basically doomsday with a side of tears.  Game was good though.  TK returns to Pittsburgh to find his former pony ranch in ruins and cries and smokes a cigarette in its stone archway entrance, which appears to have been abandoned for millennia as opposed to mere months.

The game started out as a huge fucking dry hump.  Lots of up and down but no goals in the first.  Malkin was out and that was weird. 

In the second, the Pens managed ton unravel the Sharks' system somehow.  It was pretty much disgusting.



 Dupuis left with an injury after he scored his first goal in nine years.  Sadface.







The Pens made it 4-0 before the Sharks had an answer in the form of Hertl, who was able to make it 4-1.  Almost lost in the goal explosion was the fact that MAF was pretty much balls out in his kingdom.

In the third the Sharks continued to cycle but MAF was like TROLOLOLOLOL IS IT CUPCAKE DAY YET and stopped that shit.



Letang added a fifth insurance goal early in the 3rd to try to make people forget that he passes to the opposing team in the offensive zone.

The rest of the game was just squirming and listening to Steigerwald pronounce Tommy Wingels' last name as "Winkles."

Pens win.  The Sharks have lost a total of four games this season.  This gets to be one of them.  Man when they lose, they lose deep.  Probably nothing can stop them though unless TK gets a shot on their top line.

Go Pens.  Save the Ponies.


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