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we love america

We'd like to bring you our first post of 2013 with some amazing news.

Sweden was pretty good but couldn't quite compete with USA's speed or defensive determination.
Russia won bronze.
Canada went home empty handed and full of beer and tears. (Sorry, we just really can't stand cocky Canadians.)
Standout players of the tournament hailed from Pittsburgh and Columbus, our two favorite places on the planet, and kicked some serious Swede butt. John Gibson is a holy brick wall worthy of Curry. And he's from Whitehall.

The untold story of the tournament is the bizarre cheerleaders that were at every game wearing nobody's colors, and, in the case of the first period of the gold medal game, doing weird pom pom dance routines in front of the crowd WHILE THE PLAY WAS GOING ON.  Was it some kind of aerobics competition or. . .?

Say what you will about "hot ladies" posing as eye candy at hockey games (as PH has many a time), but wtf was going on with this shit?  They appeared to be deranged.  We wonder who hired them.  Please tell us the IIHF wasn't involved.  Oh Ufa.  We'll remember you a long time.

Rocco Grimaldi is like TK if TK were good.
We love you Rocco.

fuck the NHL the NHL is gross.

go pittsburgh

go america


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