We are so sick of the Isles. 
Anyway, welcome to the part of hockey season wherein the games start while it's still light outside!
It's pretty sick nasty. 
We feel good, but we're in a weakened state after the stress of last night's game. PLEASE take it easy on us boys.

Tavaras and Inc. get way too many chances in the first few minutes. Or D looks soff like cheese.
Our breathing is already labored and we don't know why this is happening to us. WE USED THE MAGIC WORD.
Luckily it must have been a daylight savings issue, because we have it back on their end in no time. Dupes gets a sick chance off of a pass from Sid, but no dice. For some reason that can't be explained by science, this leads to 2 minutes of 4 on 4. 
Kunitz gets miles of net to work with, but Nabby punches him and takes his lunch money instead. 
Another heart attack night it is.

Dupes shoots the craziest bad angle shot we've seen in forever.
It's like he stole it right out of TK's brain.
It gets a bounce off of the post, off Nabby and finally right into the goal. 
We're kind of stunned. 

The +/- statistics are amazing to stare at right now, btw. Try it out.

Boyes trips TK and ends up in the box.
Hamonic thinks it'd be fun to crosscheck the hell outta James Neal because he's being pissy. 
Put hey, that means a huge 5-on-3 chance. 
 Letang does a desperation move and whacks the puck outta the air with his stick to keep it in, and it pays off something insane.
Kunitz, who is really just a superstar when paired with James and Sid, takes advantage of the awesome keep and sends it home.

We want to cry happy tears for capitalizing.

The Isles get a delay of game. Hamonic refuses to get in the box, preferring to skate around the ice yelling at people like an ass. He's actually right – Macdonald is the one that slapped the puck.

It takes an embarrassingly long amount of time to sort it out. Macdonald goes in yelling – we have to wonder why he wouldn't just fess up? 
Just reminds us how happy we are that our team is in love.
Doesn't matter anyway.
It takes SECONDS for Kunitz to net his second goal.

Even strength once more. Let's hope the officials remember how to do their jobs by the next penalty.

By halfway through the second period, the only thing that has happened is a lot of shit talk directed at the Isles. They went about 19 minutes with one shot. Steiggy and Bobby are talking about how invisible they are. You should know better, everyone.
Save your hardcore trash talk for after the game.

19 minutes with one shots means a cold goalie.
So when Despres does a total botch job on a 2-on-2 and the Isles sail one into the net, it's surprising, sure but…well, there was a bad feeling about the whole thing.
Shortly after, a puck goes in as the net goes off the moorings. No dice for the Isles, but it was too close for comfort. Momentum shifting?
Let's hope not.

Kunitz eases your mind when he catches a Tanger rebound and slams it into the net.
You know what that meanssss.

Also, sock monkey night. So there were lots of those.

And just in case your heart wasn't already in your throat, James Neal – not to be shown up – gets out onto the ice and immediately gets a breakaway and puts it in the net like it's nbd whatsoever. 

Nabby gets benched. 

The Isles go up on the PP, which was bound to happen eventually.
Brooks becomes the talk of the town when he lands a huge hit on Tavaras in front of the net. It isn't the first big hit in front of the net tonight from Mr. Orpik, but it highlighted just how much better he is looking in this game. We've missed that ask-questions-later attitude. 
We're so happy that it's back we could cry.
Stick around, old buddy. 
We could get stuff done like this.

This award certainly doesn't go to Dupes and his crazy goal that just made you sigh "oh my god" because you can't believe how great your life is today. 

We're already hoping for the hattie.
The real unpredictable thing here is WHO EVER THOUGHT that Dupes and Kunitz would be THIS GOOD with Sid? Tell us about it in 2009 when you happen by a time machine. We'll be stunned.
Not to say everyone hasn't always loved them.
But MAN. Who knew this magic was lurking just under the surface?
Everyone is yukking it up together on the bench. Something is hilarious. BoBo is grinning like he is having the best time of his life. 

Everything feels so good that you can't force yourself to be upset that we're in the box and need to pull a PK. Especially not when 30 Dicks throws himself down in front of a puck for his country. Oh, and then of course, we get to go on the PP.

Nothing much happens for the rest of the period, until the last minute when the Isles once again goes on the PK. 
Who cares?
We would, if it was a penalty born of complacency. But nope, just a normal ol call. We played like we were in it to win it until the final buzzer.

Pens win.



Sid, duh.
Oh captain, my captain.
He had his hand in all da goals. He has points falling out of his sweater. 
This man is crazy on fire. Not like there's a time he isn't.

1. Eats – we saw that glimmer of Cup Prime you tonight. Feel your way back to it. We'll give you space to remember your potential.
2.Brooks – You've had time to remember your potential. Way to act on it tonight. Keep it up
3. BoBo – because we're jealous of how much fun he's having.


Wicked crazy game. Fun to watch. We stayed hungry and it paid off.
We are hot hot hot. 
The future is an exciting place, but tonight was an awesome stop along the way.
Go Pens. 


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