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hey so in case you haven’t heard no one wants to coach the Penguins that is your monthly status update

we didn’t report on the Kings winning the Cup because I mean everyone knew that was happening right, you didn’t need us to report on it?

watch USA/Portugal at the World Cup tomorrow and pretend that human rights violations aren’t the foundation upon which international sporting events are built.  Have a beer and don’t think about death, neither your own nor those deaths of foreign children you will never meet!

We could have had Willie Desjardins’ mustache and instead we’re just staring into the abyss and oddly WE DON’T CARE

The Penguins’ home opener will be October 9 versus Anaheim.

The full schedule comes out tomorrow at 4pm.  We could all discuss how much we care.  Or not.  Go Pens, burn the motherfucker down.


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